(Continuetion of the revelation from (part 1)….

cause havoc and execute satan’s evil game plan ,the man(human) then gave d shaitan(devil) an account of how he had been officiating evil even when he had not gotten powers!. Satan now showed him on a black board on how he could attack and frustrate peoples life with a fire that would eminate from his feet!

The man(human) now asked how? And was more particular about how the attack could be carried out considering the distance!. Satan then told him that the attack can be effective to certain range using the fire that eminates from his feet,and that he could direct it wheresoever he desired!

Examples were given that for example; while he was in orlu,he could send the missile with his feet to mbeise (All in imo state). The man(human) now asked: “what of if i want to someone far country or states”? Satan told him that FOOD MECHANISM (Something like spiritual food poisoning) could be used!.The man asked how? Sheitan now told him that all he had to do was to send these foods to all th places(everywhere) he wants it,and then his agents which he said was everywhere would do the poisoning! spiritually as he(sheitan) commands!,thus getting whosoever is thier target!. (REMEMBER FOOD ADDICTION?!)

All these were issued on a black board that i would have like to draw for you all to see,how it looked like and how thier strategies were drawn on them!*

Please to be continued in (part 3) Coming out verysoon!!

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