(Part 1)
It was like a trance,and in that trance a war was isued,and i saw myself amidst a war going on untop of an ocean.I saw myself prevailing against numbers of devil’s agents,i prevailed only by using the name of jesus with commanding words and orders,not with begging,that is, my armour & ammunition were of the name of Jesus & prayer.

I was killing & defeating many of them,but not able to defeat one.I was now taken & shown the reason why that happened.I was in a large church with many galleries circled round,i discovered that while a prayer was going on(prayer season),some people prayers was not able to ascend the next gallery above talkless of moving above the roof!.

I was also caught in these category of people!,but when i realised it,i quickly cleared some chairs & obstruction in the church building & started firing prayers frequent force! using the name of jesus with commanding tune & not crying or weeping tune. All of a sudden the prayers started making upward waves & more strenght i got.

I was then taken back to the ocean where the war was still going on,many of the shark’s agents(satanwari) looking like men were defeated & sanked into the ocean with fervent speed!. It was not time to face the real enemy(the shark-shaitan), but this one was very fierce & worrisome!.

I wrestled with the shark for long without no accual immediate success,as the shark was trying to eat up my leg!, i existed myself or let me say i was exited from that realm when i sensed the danger!*
I was now taken to a place where they was a black board and some people sat down watching! Who were they watching?> it was a man(human) who came seeking for powers desperately, he was now taken to some distance from where we were and sheitan(satan) stamped his feet of blue-fire on that of the man, with that the man was aquiring powers from the evil one(devil).

After that the man was told & taught on how he could ……##PLEASE TO BE CONTINUED IN (PART 2)## *WATCH OUT FOR IT VERRYSOON!!

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