Edited by : Donizzy.C.Jahzrael

Blogging has become a passion for many young students. Like any other job, they start working with full dedication. But as time goes on, they start to move away from blogging. There are several reasons which could make them quit blogging and move to other jobs. When I tried to find out, what was the real reason behind these things. I came up with factors that have a significant impacts on them. The eight factors that forces them to get out of blogging are
1. Thinking of Money
2. Impatience
3. Over Exhausted
4. Lack of Interest
5. Comparing With Other Bloggers 6. Concentrating on too many Things .
7. No Visitors at All
8. Not Able To Face Failures

1. Thinking about Money “Don’t Count the Eggs before they Hatch. Many Startup bloggers think that it is easy job to get the content delivered to everyone. They misunderstood that if one
gets into blogging he can start making money immediately. But they never realize that only hard work a consistent efforts will bring income. We can’t blame them too, as the whole world is looking for money. This makes the people to be money motivated. The best remedy is to do write-ups on other blogs as a guest blogger.

2. Impatience “Do You Want To Become A Millionaire One Night” Can you see how funny and unrealistic the above question is? No one can become a millionaire overnight. The point am trying to insist upon is patience and time. One needs to be extremely patient.
One cannot become a popular blogger by two days or three days. needs extreme level of analysis, such as research on audience to reach the level of a Pro-blogger. At the same time, schedule your words and works systematically. Try to update your blog every day. “Time and Tide wait for none “

¤3. Over Exhausted : If one runs out of ideas or content, that’s where one gets into trouble. The problem had risen for everyone. A close look at this problem will tell that, “One who doesn’t get updated frequently faces the problem of exhaustiveness.” Take proper care to read the latest news and information daily. Keep changing the strategies of writing according to the latest trends.

4. Lack of Interest : People with a childish attitude can never sustain in the area of blogging, because they keep changing their area of interest A small child will like a chocolate. B when he/she sees an ice cream, it would leave the chocolate and starts to eat the ice cream. Similarly bloggers also tend to prefer other things over blogging at so point of time and lose their attitutude towards writing.

5. Comparison with other Bloggers Personality of anyone gets degraded when he starts to compare himself with others. It’s God’s gift that “Everyone Is Born Unique and Has Unique Skills” One can follow other people, but don’t have to try to replicate them or their writing. The first person of your kind.

6. Concentrating on More Things : I had a friend who was writing good articles at the start of his carrier. But years passed by, he saw Web Designing and development Blog, he then also started multitasking. As a result, he did not concentrated fully on blogging what he initially wanted to blog/publish. It’s no crime to do other activities, but do one thing at a time. Don’t make your schedule a complicated one.

7. No Visitors at All : There may be times where one author doesn’t get any comments on his articles. This can be disheartening, because you’ll feels that no one is appreciating your work. “Every single person needs so encouragement to keep doing the goood work.” When a young blogger is not encouraged or discouraged by others, he starts to feel the pressure. Sooner or later, he decides to quit and move to doing his regular work or something else. You have to be self determined.

8. Not Able To Face Failures: In every part of our life, we have ups a downs. One can never expect success at his every attempt. If one is not able to face difficulties and challenges that may occur while writing, then he is not fit to be a blogger anymore. Always remember one thing, nothing can be achieved easily. Be optimistic at the situations of life, don’t lose your heart. Be brave and face the situation to see a change happening in your life. Believe in miracles and be strong, not relenting, you will overcome and become a successful blogger or site admin/owner/puplisher….e.t.c.web head 4



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